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My name is Victoria and I am an expatriate living in Gothenburg. I was given your email address by Heidi with I contacted Heidi with regards to the work-life balance pilot programme they are launching and after a few emails she has suggested that I may try and contact you.

I am a psychologist (NZ) and established ‘LifeLine Shanghai’ an anonymous telephone hotline in Shanghai China for the expatriate community – mostly dealing with stresses of living abroad and notably work life balance issues…or lack of it in Asia!

We have been in Gothenburg for just over one year and Im not having much luck finding work – I mentioned to Heidi that Id be very keen to help out with her project if she needed an extra pair of hands…

She also mentioned that you were doing ‘some interesting work in the Gothenburg area’ that might be of interest – I’d love to learn more and may be meet up for a coffee if you have time?

Apologises for the out-of-the-blue email and I hope to hear from you when you have a moment.

With warm regards and all the best for the New Year!

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