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Vecka 42: Jackie Yoga Schema Update :)


Early Evening Yoga is happening tonight at NIRVANA Studio in Slussen Hokens Gata 10
(if you are coming for the first time, it is a yoga studio you will see signs in the window – not to be confused with Natur Reserverat shares the same address and is right next door)

Late Morning Yoga is happening on Friday at 10h15 at Grafisa Sallaskapet in Slusses Hornsgatan 6

*If anyone catches this message early today and wants to catch a Lunchtime Yoga I am teaching today at Noon at Danscenter, please call me o send me a text message at 073-98 08 655 – so I can see if I can book you in 🙂

Kramkramkram to all my Yoginis!!
jackie Kleefield <

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