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Nice things happen to me in Sweden series- Learning Swedish

I have spent enough time in Sweden where my Swedish language skills where/are better than someone who is just off of the plane but too poor given my circumstances.

So I decided to take learning Swedish seriously and happened upon the information about Swedish Intensive for Academics. In sum it is a new program in Stockholm for people with a high level of education (at least an undergraduate degree) with a background in business, engineering, law, etc.

It starts from the C (out of A-D) level of Swedish for Immigrants, the notoriously famous free Swedish courses for newcomers to Sweden that, at best, gets mixed reviews and runs through the advanced level.

Additionally this experimental program is run inconjunction with an institution of higher learning in Sweden and pairs students with a mentor from their respective career-track union and a guidance counselor.

In sum, this program aims to get us immigrants with education into the Swedish workforce as soon as possible.

I applied and was accepted and am now studying feverishly. It is SO MUCH WORK! I have met very interesting and funny people in class, taken a couple of trips around the city I hadn’t made before, and am actually up and out by 7.30am each day. I was so used to working from home.

But this was a very nice thing that happened to me in Sweden.

5 responses to “Nice things happen to me in Sweden series- Learning Swedish”

  1. Could you please tell me what the name of the course? We're planning to move to Stockholm this summer and I could really use a language course like this..


  2. Hej Anna! Good luck with your move to Stockholm. This course has the last enrollment this month. Here is the link to information about SFI (Swedish For Immigrants):…The course I am taking is part of SFI and branches off at the next level. Don't let anyone tell you bad things about SFI. The key is getting a good teacher (isn't it the same with anything?) and being in a class with motivated students. The good things is that you can work hard and test out of your level a few times during the course so that you don't have to stay stuck.


  3. i just discovered your blog and find it very enjoyable. simple and sweet. i am an american woman married to a Swede for 30 years. Just moved back to Sweden after several years back in the States but having lived here back in the 80s and 90s this time is a breeze. i will continue to follow your Nice Things That Happen …. Kary


  4. Thanks Kay! And welcome back to Sweden.


  5. Thanks Kay! And welcome back to Sweden.


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