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Nice things happen to me in Sweden – Yale Alley Cats visit Stockholm

The Yale Alley Cats are coming to Stockholm to perform.


This is something you won’t want to miss -The Yale Alley Cats performance.

Perfect for kids. Perfect for students. Perfect for music lovers of all ages. Perfect for singing enthusiasts, lovers of a Capella groups, your neighbors, your friends.

Sponsored by the American Women’s Club and the International Women’s Club, one of the United States’s most renowned a Cappella ensembles will sing and delight us on Thursday, May 20. Tickets available at the door: SEK 100 for adults, children under 14 are free and all other students are SEK 50.

The Yale Alley Cats find their roots in jazz, but their repertoire includes Motown, pop, classical, and many more genres. Their diverse song list and acknowledged musical excellence allows them to perform at a host of different venues, from jazz clubs to embassies, from the set of NBC’s The West Wing to the main stage at the Dresden Music Festival, from the beaches of Hawaii to Martha Stewart Living, and from Parisian squares and Spanish boulevards to the hallowed halls of Yale university.

Nice things happen in Sweden

NOTE: I saw the Yale Alley Cats in a performance today and they were absolutely delightful. I can highly recommend them to put a smile on your face. That was a nice thing that happened to me in Sweden today.

Another nice thing is that I visited a new doctor today and found him to be very thorough and easy to talk to. I am sure it helped that I was prepared with a list of questions and background info. That too was another nice thing that happened to me today.

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