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Only for members of Zuzy

Next month is graduation time in Sweden. My bonus daughter is finishing gymnasium (high school) so we will be going to greet her and the other graduates in the park. The graduates with their white caps and us with our flowers and other gifts on bands of ribbon to drape over their neck. One of us will be carrying the placard with her baby picture on it.

This means the school dance is coming and the young ladies will want to have their best face forward for these occasions. And so will their mothers, and aunts, and grandmothers. With this is mind Zuzy, which is the exclusive distributor of Sascha Cosmetics in Sweden, has created a special offer to its Facebook members:

Because you are special; you will get 15% off all our make up products, in Skärholmen Centrum and in our webshop Please use the discount code; facebook, to receive the discount at

Soon its time for pram (studenten) and I know you want to be the bell of the ball. Therefore ONLY members of the zuzy group gets a 50% discount on pram make-up. You pay 250 kr instead of 500 kr!

Please make reservation through facebook to be the best looking at the pram!

Join the Facebook group today!

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