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Nice things happen to me in Sweden series- Consumer hotline help

I research new products in the Swedish market and had purchased and eaten a loaf of bread. It was so good that we forgot to save the packaging so that I could note the ingredients and nutritional information.

So I sent an email to the consumer contact and asked for that information and said that I needed it today. Then I saw that their contact line was open for another hour so I called and got the nicest man on the phone (Lars M. from Konsumentkontakt at Skogaholm) and he gave me all of the ingredients. He also explained why they were used, and he gave me the UPC code I needed.

I just saw that he also answered my email and asked if I was the person with whom he spoke on the phone.

I thought that was really nice. By contrast I contacted the people over at L’Oreal a couple of months ago and still haven’t heard back from them.

So that was the nice thing (so far) that happened to me in Sweden today.

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