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Seen in Stockholm – NK’s fashion crime

For some reason I don’t spend a lot of time out in the streets of Stockholm. But I had errands to run today, one of which I never completed because I couldn’t find where I was going and I couldn’t get the GPS on my phone to work, and of course, I hadn’t printed out a map. But I digress.

still brott

I found myself walking past NK, Sweden’s high end department store with designer stores in the store. Kind of like Saks 5th Avenue if you’ve ever shopped there. There was a huge line to get in the main entrance of NK and I couldn’t figure out why though I did see signage about Patti Smith who is/was in town to pick up her Polar Prize. As I was walking past the store windows, once famous for racist golliwog dolls Christmas 2007 (though customer complaints made the NK powers that be take them down – yea Stockholmers), I noticed something really cool going on. I guess I had gotten to the 3rd or 4th window before I actually stopped and took notice of the stilbrott (fashion crime) scenario being played out.

Joann Tan's Fashion Crime @ NK
Joann Tan’s Fashion Crime @ NK
Joann Tan's Fashion Crime @ NK
Joann Tan’s Fashion Crime @ NK

It was nice to stop and smile at the whimsical windows. A sweet reminder that life requires one to laugh at one’s self. That was very nice. Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

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