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Nice things happen to me in Sweden – Midsommar with my Swede

Midsommar may be the biggest holiday in Sweden, celebrated rain or shine, to hail the arrival of summer.

2 types of pickled herring, boiled egg, boiled potatoes, sour cream with chives, and cheese on the hardest knäckerbröd available.

As important as the food is the drinks that accompany it. For my Swede it has to be 3.5% beer and ice cold schnapps. We had vodka on hand. There is an order to how you are supposed to eat the food and then take a drink, but the drink comes with a song. We sang the one about the frog.

Ice cold vodka and 3.5% beer.

All of this adds up to one happy Swede.

Note: Swedish strawberries with cream are also a midsommar menu staple but we didn’t indulge this year. And I have yet to have to band of flowers around my head.

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