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Ballot mailed. Check. The push continues to raise the overseas vote.

I’m an overseas voter

I vote from abroad.

I finally posted my absentee ballot to ensure that my overseas vote would reach voting officials way ahead of the deadline.

Vote From Abroad

So what now? Oh, let’s see: Attend the International Conference Call of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, stay up super late or watch the replays of the Presidential candidate debates, continue to help people register to vote, encourage people to discuss the issues at a Speak Easy, stay vigilant, and sleep when it’s all over.

I Vote From Abroad and if you are an American in Stockholm you can too. Visit Vote From Abroad today and get the help you need.


Voting absentee ballot and got an email ballot you have to print out and return? Be alerted to the fact that you need to compare the printed ballot to the print preview screen. If the printed ballot does not contain all content visible on the print preview screen, subsequent steps should be taken. This may include using the function “Fit to Printable Area” or similar function before reprinting the ballot(s).

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