Living like IKEA – The wonderful everyday

Living like IKEA-The wonderful everyday

Nice things happen to me in Sweden and last week was no exception, even though the week did not end as expected. But that is the wonderful everyday, actually. Better than imagined.

Living like IKEA-The wonderful everyday
Nothing is better than being next to the water on a sunny day in Stockholm. Even better when it happens in September.

The serious topic can take on an air of fun when it means seeing old friends and meeting new ones in the context of getting out the vote for Democrats in the upcoming US elections. Register to vote and request your absentee ballot and join Democrats Abroad all at the same time via

Stockholm’s chapter of democrats Abroad holds regular after work events at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Conferences can be a bit of like a reunion if you have been to several before within the same sector. The evening receptions are popular, providing the opportunity to express additional aspects of one’s personality when food and drink are on offer, a bit of music, relaxed lighting, and the result? The workflow flows. The venue also boasts waterfront views. After, I was given safe  harbor at my holistic hair care shero‘s place which also came with lots of hugs, laughter, conversation, discovery, and peace.

Living like IKEA - The wonderful everyday
After a day that started early it was easy to transition into the reception. We deserved it.

Last minute hook ups are fun and I was lucky my international travel writer shero was in town and available for lunch. And she treated to boot! A healthy lunch and a healthy conversation and lots of healthy laughter!

Living like IKEA - The wonderful everyday
This lady is a superstar person.

And what better way to calm down after being engaged than with a cup of fantastic green tea found in one of my favorite neighbourhoods. I love their ethos.

Living like IKEA-The wonderful everyday
Vegan food and food for thought.

And I could not believe my luck when the Sugaring Queen of Stockholm had an open slot that we filled with heartwarming conversation and her giving me the best eyebrows in the business.

Living like IKEA-The wonderful everyday
I now my brow shape will stay perfect for weeks now that Kathy has sugared them.

Nice things happen to me in Sweden. All this time I had been living like IKEA and enjoying the wonderful everyday. Everyday!

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