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Thank goodness for the American Women’s Club Stockholm

Because there is nothing like sisterhood when you live in a foreign country

And this holds true whether you are a new arrival to Stockholm or have lived here 40 years. And the sisterhood feels especially nice when you’ve been away for 4 years and are welcomed back into the fold with (literally) open arms.

American Women's Club Stockholm

So in one week, I attended the welcome back wine (of course) and a luncheon on the top floor with a view. And there were a couple of movie nights, after works (happy hours) on rooftops, and another luncheon I could not attend. August and September have been chocker block. But there is another great evening planned for next week as well as plenty in the coming months.

And the club members make it all worthwhile. We’re a mix of seasoned professionals, students, designers, mothers, entrepreneurs running charities and thriving enterprises, journalists, web shop owners, sports enthusiasts, government employees, and o course, more. Not a dull one in the bunch.

So, no need to feel alone or lonely. There is sisterhood waiting. Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

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