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Happy Thanksgiving!

A colleague in the States wished me a Happy Thanksgiving and then added, “Thanksgiving must be different in Sweden”. And it is. But then again it isn’t.

Happy Thanksgiving
Photo: K. Andersson

I like to think I am known among my Swedish family for my “turkey dinners”. Though the grandkids love my mother-in-love’s turkey, as they should.

Happy Thanksgiving
Kitchen & Table’s spread

The part of Thanksgiving that is the same in Sweden for me is that thankful component. One of the MANY things for which I am grateful this year is our successful and safe move back to Sweden. And that includes being thankful for the American Women’s Club. No one else in Stockholm knows how to pull together such a diverse bunch of American women for Thanksgiving like the Club does.

Happy Thanksgiving
The chef plated it up beautifully.

The lunch brings in our newest members along with our lifetime members who have been in Stockholm since the 70’s. It’s a great excuse to take a long lunch and to invite friends who are not members of the club. And Kitchen & Table were so thankful for us being there that they gave us wonderful goodies bags with special offers and a special seasoning.

Happy Thanksgiving

Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

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