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Don’t Miss Stockholm Beauty Week!

Stockholm Beauty Week

This This year’s Stockholm Beauty Week Promises To Be Amay May!

Over three days at the Musikaliska by the water in Stockholm, beauty buffs

and profs will gather to hear, smell, and experience the latest in beauty innovations and products.



All the top names in Swedish beauty will be there launching new products, demonstrating the latest innovations. The wonderful thing about this three day event is that it is not limited to skin therapists, salon owners or product developers. People like me and you – those of us who LOVE beauty and fashion – are able to attend and get treated to treatments, seminars, demonstrations and more.


And super great for expensive Stockholm? The cost is ONLY 100 SEK for 3 DAYS! And you won’t leave empty handed as you float out with glowing skin or glistening nails. Goodies bag abound.


Register today from this link, and see you there!



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