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Our Summer Village is the Best

Cafe Nyfiket

When I exhausted my data package my Swede drove up to the cafe in the village of Frillesås to see if we could get online there.

I was doubtful because I had tried to get online there last year without joy.

But this year it seems the place is under new ownership or at least new management. It is kid friendly.

It is super friendly (at least the staff-I did get a lot of stares from some locals while others completely ignoreed me: typical really), plays the best music, and in addition to fika, lunch, and ice.cream, there is wine, G&Ts and evening activities.

AND I saw a notice for a knitting cafe one day a week. Combine all that with the fact that the walk here is good for me and I am 💯% onboard with this place.

Just one reason why our summer village is the best.

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