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Maria Åkerberg from Frillesås to the World

I went to Stockholm Beauty Week as a blogger for Black Women in Europe Blog and without a doubt, one of the highlights for me was meeting Maria Åkerberg.

Me and Maria Åkerberg at Stockholm Beauty Week.

Just in case you don’t know who she is, here is a bit of information you should know about her business:

Deepskin Organics® by MARIA ÅKERBERG

We are a family owned business and Sweden’s leading organic brand within professional skincare. Ever since the start back in 1995, we’ve been set on making the world a more beautiful place, one non-toxic product at a time. We want to capture our natural beauty with pure products that nourish deep within the skin for lasting results. We call it Deepskin Organics® It is a philosophy that guides us in all we do and it anchors our brand promise. From our factory in the small, coastal town of Frillesås, we offer skincare, haircare and makeup for a more beautiful world, with all-natural minerals and plant-based organic ingredients. That is the MARIA ÅKERBERG way of working. That is how we make a difference.

Maria Åkerberg giving her presentation during Stockholm Beauty Week 2019.

Maria Åkerberg was one of the headline speakers during Stockholm Beauty Week and when she took center stage I was on the front row eager to hear what she had to say.  She talked about her philosophy which has included sustainability from the start. Her company has been winning awards in the beauty industry since 2008. But she didn’t mention that. She’s super humble yet confident.  Not many people can pull that off.

With her most recent awards. Photo credit:

She showed us some of the long standing best sellers. She sent us each home with one of them: her hand cream. That was her gift to us inside one of her bags made of recycled material and a product book. Ahhhh! I paged through it wishing I had one of each, but in the huge salon back bar sizes for us, the summer house, my parents’ house, my mother in love’s house….you get it! I could easily be all Maria Åkerberg all day, every day. It was my mother in love who introduced me to her. The foot cream is her favorite product.  We’re all so proud that she’s based in Frillesås. My in loves fell in love with Frillesås in 1964 when they purchased land and built the family summer house.

Maria Åkerberg
The goodie bag from Maria Åkerberg’s presentation at Stockholm Beauty Week.

As big as Maria’s brand is she still takes the time to meet with customers and potential customers at Stockholm Beauty Week. I passed her at her stand more than once where she was always on hand.

Maria Åkerberg in action at Stockholm Beauty Week 2019. Photo credit: Katriina Mäkinen

If you visit Maria Åkerberg’s head office be sure to stop here for fika.

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