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I Don’t Need To Pay A Lot For Mobile Phone Service. Do you?

Why pay more?

I don’t live on my telephone. I don’t make and receive a ton of calls. I do send a lot of texts. And I surf a bit, mainly when waiting for appointments, on he national train line or when at the summer house.

I don’t need a big package from one of the top 3 mobile service providers. I want to pay for what I need, when I need it. Enter, Wifog. The a la carte mobile service provider that is perfect for me. And maybe for you too.


Barely use your phone? Get Wifog for free. Yes free. Use is a little? Get Small. There is Medium, Large and XXL too.And you don’t pay monthly and nothing expires.


I can’t loose! And neither will you. Check out Wifog today and free yourself from mobile contracts, and crazy high priced packages and instead get what you want when you need it.

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