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Rejoice! Sonja A Andersson is democratizing fashion in Sweden

Sonja A Andersson

This sister in Stockholm did what the industry thought she couldn’t.

                  Sonja in the middle. Photo Cawa Media.

She organized the first ever Scandinavian International Fashion Week in Stockholm and the catwalk was the world famous City Hall! KUDOS Sonja A Andersson!

When I tried to get into Stockholm Fashion Week my emails were never returned. It was then that I decided to build something on my own that would give other designers like me the chance to show their work. — Sonja Andersson

Stockholm City Hall Cat Walk.

                                Photo Cawa Media.
Photo Cawa Media.
Photo Cawa Media
                                        Photo Cawa Media
                                          Photo Cawa Media

As a compliment to the cat walk giving talented and up and coming designers amazing exposure, Sonja included an award ceremony at Vau De Ville restaurant. The winners are the models Isabell, Janek, Djibril, and Fatima; and designers Ruslan Khvastov, Karima Alaoui, and Iracema Matias.

Awards Cereminy at Vau De Ville

                                               Photo Cawa Media
                                           Photo Cawa Media
                                                 Photo Cawa Media
                    Sonja pictured on the right. Photo Cawa Media.

I Could Not Be More Proud

Not even if I had conceived and executed this event myself. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but Stockholm is not an easy town to conquer and Sonja put the nay sayers to shame. She booked the most prestigious venue in the City and probably all of Sweden.

She invited fabulous designers and they came. And they showed out. The models worked it. Sonja started something for designers like herself that no longer can be doubted. This will work. This worked. This is why I am so proud of Sonja. Whoot whoot!

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of bubbly and sit back and enjoy these photos from Cawa Media. I suggest putting them up on the largescreen TV for full enjoyment.

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