New to Stockholm? This could be your 15 minutes of fame.

New to Stockholm

Casting call for NEW expats living in Stockholm!


Have you made the biggest step in your life by moving to a new country in the last 8 months? Then we want to hear your story! I am the Casting Associate Producer for an international travel television show looking for energetic individuals, couples, and families who want to share their adventurous experience of moving abroad to a new country! Our show will document your move and give you the opportunity to have fun and interesting experiences in your new location.


If you are interested in participating in our show and you would like to learn more, please contact me by private message or at the email listed on the attached flyer!


Please be sure to include: your contact information, a picture of yourself/your family and tell me about yourself and your move! We are looking for expats coming from all over the world, but you must speak English fluently to be eligible for our show. Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! And please feel free to repost and share with friends!

New to Stockholm

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