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Ateljé Eliza Designs-She Creates Unique Statement Clothing

Eliza has been creating, designing, and handcrafting clothing for decades.

I discovered her from Stockholm Beauty Week 2020. I was an accredited blogger for the Black Women on Europe® Blog in 2019 and 2020 but couldn’t attend this year. Since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, I haven’t left my county and I am now in Halland.

But I was in the neighborhood of Eliza’s workshop and boutique over the weekend. Her town neighbors our summer house town and although summer is gone we have mild weather for this season.

Eliza is so lovely and she was a gracious host who enthusiastically and lovingly showed me and my Swede her heart-centered creations. She makes everything herself and the quality and originality are outstanding.

I could have left the shop with one of everything in my size. Even my Swede (who is high fashion-challenged) was drawn to one of Eliza’s flagship designs. The designs are both classic yet modern, timeless yet cutting edge.

I have Ateljé Eliza Design goals. Visit her website. She’ll create something custom for you.


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