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2.14.2021-What happened last week

M/S Estonia filmmakers acquitted, Västerbotten virus outbreak, Olympic swimmer fracture, millions watch Melodifestivalen

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Melodifestivalen!

Booking restrictions on public transport, advice for people returning from abroad, Northvolt virus outbreak, weather warning

Covid vaccine delay, interest rate remains at zero percent, bags of cocaine found on Skåne beach

I know they have white sandy beaches down south but this isn’t what I meant.

End to positive Covid trend, UK variant hits battery factory, beef shortage

Where’s the beef?

Radio Sweden Weekly: vaccine delays and staying safe on the ice

Am I the only one that thinks of The Exorcist when someone mentions skating on frozen water?

Gov’t to tighten checks on explosives, Swedish biathlon gold, alcohol sales ban extended and corona-adapted ski race begins

Explosives? Can you say, Nobel?

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