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Recap: Stockholm Beauty Week Day 2

Sigh. All good things come to an end, well at least for this year. Day 2 of Stockholm Beauty Week 2022 did not disappoint. On Day 1, I got to run around like a crazy woman by myself. I saw friends, and familiar vendors, and was introduced to a slew of other products, and treatments.

One highlight of Day 2 was sharing the joy with my buddy. She got a massage, a face scan, tested products, and visited some of my favorite vendors with me. I had to leave her there and catch a train back home and I hope she was able to stay until the very end.

I’ll make a 3rd post about Stockholm Beauty Week 2022 showing what is included in my press bags. I struck gold! And just like in 2019 after my first visit to Stockholm Beauty Week, I’m already looking forward to attending next year. Visit the Stockholm Beauty Week 2022 website to learn about the vendors.

Take 5 minutes to visit Day 2 with me by viewing my video below or from this link.

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