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Flygbussarna to the rescue!

Tusen tack to the wonderful driver with Flygbussarna on 21 September from Göteborg Landvetter Airport to Gothenburg Central Station, Sweden, AND the customer service staff on site. After traveling through 3 airports I got off the bus in Gothenburg and left my two roller bags under the bus. UNDER THE BUS!! How could I do that? Once I realized it my bus had departed back to Landvetter. All I could do was make a report at the customer service office and wait and pray. And that I did this while customer service made contact with the driver and who finally returned on a scheduled run with my bags safely on the luggage rack behind him.

I gave him the BIGGEST hug after he gave me my bags. I couldn’t believe I was reunited with my bags. Tusen tack Vy flygbussarna for looking out for me, making me whole, and always being on time, lol.😀 Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

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