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  • Recap: Stockholm Beauty Week Day 2

    Recap: Stockholm Beauty Week Day 2

    Sigh. All good things come to an end, well at least for this year. Day 2 of Stockholm Beauty Week 2022 did not disappoint. On Day 1, I got to run around like a crazy woman by myself. I saw friends, and familiar vendors, and was introduced to a slew of other products, and treatments.

    One highlight of Day 2 was sharing the joy with my buddy. She got a massage, a face scan, tested products, and visited some of my favorite vendors with me. I had to leave her there and catch a train back home and I hope she was able to stay until the very end.

    I’ll make a 3rd post about Stockholm Beauty Week 2022 showing what is included in my press bags. I struck gold! And just like in 2019 after my first visit to Stockholm Beauty Week, I’m already looking forward to attending next year. Visit the Stockholm Beauty Week 2022 website to learn about the vendors.

    Take 5 minutes to visit Day 2 with me by viewing my video below or from this link.

  • Concert for Peace & the Planet

    Concert for Peace & the Planet

  • Stockholm Beauty Week Day 1 Recap

    Stockholm Beauty Week Day 1 Recap

    In less than 20 minutes you can relive Day 1 of Stockholm Beauty Week with me. I’ve missed it so as I was unable to attend last year. So. Much. Fun. So. Much. Joy. So. Many. Products. Watch the video from this link: #stockholmbeautyweek

    You’re not going to want to miss 2023! Visit Stockholm Beauty Week‘s website to learn about the vendors and their products.

  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Women’s Wellness Initiative in Sweden

    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Women’s Wellness Initiative in Sweden
    You are invited to share our flyer above with your network, family, and friends.

    My name is Soror Lind. I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Welcome to the information page for the Women’s Wellness Initiative I am running in Sweden. I am a military wife and a member of our Sorority’s Military Initiatives Ad Hoc Committee Task Force. I am the lead for coordinating and maintaining contact with our active duty and retired Sorors and military family outside of the United States.

    Since joining our illustrious Sorority in 2020, this is my first international service project. I chose Women’s and Girls Shelters across Sweden that serve domestic abuse victims. Why is this important? Here are some facts from the World Health Organization.

    Violence against women

    Key facts – Here is the source and link for more information.
    • Violence against women – particularly intimate partner violence and sexual violence – is a major public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights.
    • Estimates published by WHO indicate that globally about 1 in 3 (30%) of women worldwide have been subjected to either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.
    • Most of this violence is intimate partner violence. Worldwide, almost one-third (27%) of women aged 15-49 years who have been in a relationship report that they have been subjected to some form of physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner.
    • Violence can negatively affect women’s physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health, and may increase the risk of acquiring HIV in some settings.
    • Violence against women is preventable. The health sector has an important role to play to provide comprehensive health care to women subjected to violence, and as an entry point for referring women to other support services, they may need.

    Additional shelters to support may be added. Some shelters provide housing, while others offer different services. You are able to choose which shelter you want to support by either donating hygiene articles. Choose Cecilia Heikkinen’s Gift Registry Address for delivery. Or donate money directly to the shelter.

    In Sweden, women’s and girls’ shelters are organized by Roks.

    Roks, the National Organisation for Women’s Shelters and Young Women’s Shelters in Sweden, is the largest member organization for women’s shelters and young women’s shelters in the country. Roks aims at safeguarding the common interests of the shelters in their work against male violence toward women.

    Roks strives to shape public opinion, and actively works to make the public aware of the reality that the shelters face, as well as to conduct outward dialogues around the issues concerning the shelters. There are currently around 100 women’s and young women’s shelters within the organization.

    Roks is a feministic organization working on the rights of women and young women’s rights and liberation, as well as equality on all levels. 

    The Women’s Shelters

    Each shelter is independent with its own working methods. However, what all the shelters have in common is an emergency helpline where women and young women can call if they need support. All callers can choose to remain anonymous should they so wish, and no one is registered.

    The women’s shelters offer support based on the individual needs and wishes of each woman. Perhaps she needs to talk about her situation and her current relationship. She might even need advice about a police report or a custody dispute. It could also be about being the victim of sexual abuse, either recently or several years ago. The women working at the shelters provide conversational support and advice and can also go along as support when visiting the police, lawyers, and social services for example. Many shelters also offer sheltered housing for women and their children.

    A number of shelters also have a separate legal hotline. Some shelters have text telephones to cater to women with impaired hearing. Other shelters specialize in receiving adults subjected to incest.

    Find a Women’s shelter here.

    The Young Women’s Shelters

    There are approximately 30 young women’s shelters within Roks, of which around ten are independent organizations. The young women’s shelters work in much the same way as the women’s shelters but turn to younger women who, for example, have been subjected to threats, ill-treatment, and sexual abuse, or, for some other reason, need to talk to another girl. They also actively work towards making the public aware of the girls’ living conditions. The Young Women’s shelters have their own website at

    How you can help regardless of your geographical location

    If you are reading this, you may be in a position to help. Below, you are able to learn more about the shelters we are supporting.

    You can read more about my Sorority Sigma Gamma Rho’s Women’s Wellness Initiative from this link:

    You can donate directly to the shelter you would like to support. Those details are below.

    You can purchase hygiene articles from Amazon from our list to be delivered to the shelter from this link: Choose Cecilia Heikkinen’s Gift Registry Address for delivery.

    If you are familiar with a women’s or girls’ shelter in Sweden we have yet to work with, please share this page with them and email me via adrianne.georgelind (at) I am super happy to add them to our list if they accept our help.

    Motala Kvinnojour is a non-partisan and non-religious non-profit association that works for a society free from men’s violence and oppression. The on-call service consists of a board, two full-time on-call women, and non-voluntary on-call women. Motala Kvinnojour’s mission is to be a refuge from violence by offering unconditional support for women and children. If you are in Sweden, you can make a cash donation: Swish 123 0298117 Bangiro: 439-6107. Please note SGRHO.
    Alla Kvinnors Hus is a non-profit association that is religiously and politically independent. Our way of working is based on help for self-help. We do not register anyone; you can be anonymous and we have a vow of secrecy. We listen, give advice and support and support you in what you want to do. Alla Kvinnors Hus offers, among other things: Help and support if you are exposed to threats or abuse in any form Sheltered housing for those who have to flee your home Support calls and advice Self-help groups for women who have been abused, incest, and sexually abused Support for contact with authorities Education on men’s violence against women Study circles Information to other associations, police, social services and more. If you are in Sweden, you can make a cash donation: Bankgiro 5614-8190 Swish 123 149 81 46. Please note SGRHO.
    The Women’s Association against Violence in Karlskoga / Degerfors works against men’s violence against women, girls, and children. We run sheltered housing, open support activities, and dissemination of information in our area. The activity is aimed at anyone who defines themselves as girls or women. Purchase hygiene articles from our Amazon list for direct delivery Choose Cecilia Heikkinen’s Gift Registry Address for delivery. Or if you are in Sweden you can make a cash donation: Swish  1230927590 or Bankgiro 5115-3930. Please note SGRHO.
    Stockholm’s girls ‘shelter is Sweden’s first girls’ shelter with 25 years of experience in supporting and strengthening girls and young women. We are a non-profit feminist association that is politically and religiously independent. The purpose of the association is to support and strengthen girls and young women and reduce repeated vulnerability. To us, anyone who defines themselves as girls and young women between the ages of 10-30 from all over the country can turn to us for support and help. We are available via email, chat, or phone. If you are in Sweden you can make a cash donation: Swish 123 5622 527 Please note SGRHO.
    The association Kvinnohuset Västerås consists of a women’s shelter, a girls’ shelter, and an open, outward-looking business. The women’s shelter and the girls’ shelter work with direct support for girls and women exposed to violence and their children. In the open, outward-looking activities, we work to shed light on men’s violence against women and power balances from different perspectives. We do this with the help of the association’s collective experience of meeting vulnerable girls, women, and their children. We work to highlight women in culture, for example by inviting female writers and musicians. The association also works actively to invite researchers and debaters in the field. If you are in Sweden you can make a cash donation: Swish 123 419 6762 Please note SGRHO.

    Thank you! or tack as we say here in Sweden.

    Thank you for choosing to support women, their children, and girls that seek help when they are in a domestic violence situation. Every bit helps the women’s and girls’ shelters serve them and us. I will update this page with donation totals.

    Soror Lind

  • Solidarity between Sweden and the UK

    Solidarity between Sweden and the UK
  • Lollapalooza Stockholm Strikes Again!

    Lollapalooza Stockholm Strikes Again!

    Lollapalooza Stockholm is the seventh Lollapalooza in the world and is the only one in the Nordics. The world-class international festival is in the heart of Stockholm, just by the water at beautiful Gärdet. For the first Lollapalooza Stockholm, we had over 56 000 fans from all over the world – all a part of the Lolla Family. Join us in 2022 for the second edition of Lolla Stockholm, and three days of Swedish summer magic!

    Get your tickets now.

  • Stockholm Beauty Week 2022: Happening Soon

    Stockholm Beauty Week 2022: Happening Soon


    If you don’t have your ticket already, it’s not too late to get it today. I mean, if you have ANY interest at all in skincare, haircare, nail care, fragrance, and makeup, these two days are an absolute must-attend for you.

    When I attended in 2019 it was an easy walk for me to the venue. This year, I’m traveling from one coast to the other to be there in person. I can’t believe how excited I am to see my favorite brands like Scratch of Sweden as well as explore the French Pavillion. Mais oui!

    And there are dozens of other brands with new ones getting added all the time. I went to the website today to double-check that I registered for all the workshops I didn’t want to miss only to see new vendors!

    This is when I wish there we two of me because I simply won’t be able to see everything there is on offer. I will be running around like an excited teenager so I’m making sure to have on my comfy shoes.


    When: May 17 and 18, 2022
    Where: Norra Latin on Drottningatan 71 b
    Hours: Tuesday 11 am – 8 pm and Wednesday from 9 am – 7 pm
    Cost: 100kr for BOTH days!

    Be sure to buy your ticket today (biljett). I promise you will not be disappointed. You’ll only wish there were more days, more of you to go around, and that you could stay forever.

  • Connecting expats with expat-friendly businesses

    We all know that expat life has its ups and downs. And making sure your family is OK is top of the list of priorities.

    Here is your chance to weigh in on what’s important for you by participating in a survey.

    You are invited to fill out a questionnaire to verify a start-up hypothesis. An entrepreneur wants to create a platform connecting expat families with family-friendly businesses and would like to ask a couple of questions to our expat community. Thank you!

    Please feel free to share this post and/or the link:

  • Want a fun project to delight your kids?

    Want a fun project to delight your kids?


    How to Make a Teepee Tent

    Kids’ teepee tents are a super cute and stylish addition to their bedroom or play area. Not only are they cozy and exciting, but they provide a space that your kids can use in several beneficial ways.

    A kids teepee can also offer your kid a special place to read, create art, or retreat from the world. They also inspire independence and imagination, as your child will likely use it to play “house” by themselves, with siblings and friends.

    Store-bought teepee tents are nice, but they’re costly. You also may not find one that suits your child’s room or the colors they like. So why not make your own? Don’t worry; it’s easy! Keep reading to learn how to make a kids teepee tent that your child will love. 

  • Time for Expat Tax Help

    But don’t worry. Whether you are an Accidental American, a contractor, a non-resident, a foreign investor in the U.S., a retiree abroad, Digital Nomad, or a straight-up expat, we recommend Taxes For Expats.

    They are women-owned and offer services for a flat fee based on your filing situation. Their website has TONS of resources and Trust Pilots reviews from happy clients

    It really is as simple as that. Click through and see for yourself and don’t sweat your expat taxes ever again.