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Nice things happen to me in Sweden – Friends who bear gifts

The gorgeous Jane

Last Saturday we had Jane and her husband to dinner at the summer house. My Swede’s mother also joined us and our guests arrived bearing gifts for all three of us. My gift was Jane’s Cleanser for my skin type (dry) that contains organic lavender and menthol crystals and chamomile. I can use to remove eye makeup and it leaves my skins feeling so super soft.

Jane's cleanser
My present from Jane. How nice!

We started the evening with bubbly from Italy and lots of conversation. So much so that we almost forgot to serve the appetizers with the drinks. My Swede showed Jane’s swede around the property and they put their heads together on the best way to grill the lamb.

My yellow and red tomato tart was a hit and after a desert of fresh blueberries and whipped cream we went up to the mountain behind the house for an Irish Coffee competition. Jane and her Swede came prepared with all the ingredients and gear they needed. All they asked for was hot water. Impressive. And so were their coffees. My Swede’s was good too.

What a nice evening! I had a fun time with great people. Nice things happen to me in Sweden.

Take a peek at Jane’s salon:

Inside Jane's salon
Inside Jane’s salon
Jane's waiting room
Jane’s waiting room


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