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UKRAINE needs help, and the IWC- Gothenburg will help.

If you want to help the children of Ukraine, here is how you can from Sweden. Together with other organizations in Sweden, the IWC Gothenburg is raising money for the benefit of Ukraine. All donations submitted by March 28th will be DOUBLED! The Akelius Foundation will donate exactly as much as we all donate.
Please SWISH to 0706 650867 or pay to the IWC PlusGiro 86 16 17-9 by Monday, March 28th, and label your donation with Ukraine and your name.
Funds raised will be sent to the UNHCR for the benefit of Ukraine.
So far, we have succeeded to raise 11 750 kr from 16 members. THANK YOU !!
We can do more!!!!. Your donation will help us provide emergency assistance to children and families in Ukraine and neighboring countries affected by the conflict.

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