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It was Indigenous Peoples Day on the 10th

The Government has adopted five action programmes against various forms of racism during 2022–2024. The action programmes outline concrete measures aimed at combating afrophobia, antisemitism, antigypsyism, islamophobia and racism against the Sami people. These action programmes will follow up on one of Sweden’s commitments from the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism.

“We must never accept any form of racism. It’s a question of human dignity. Racism divides people and contributes to dangerous polarisation. That’s why we’re raising the level of ambition to emphasise everyone’s equal value,” says Minister for Culture Jeanette Gustafsdotter. 

These action programmes will help draw attention to and counter various forms of racism. They supplement the national plan to combat racism, similar forms of hostility and hate crime.  The action programmes were developed based on dialogues with representatives of civil society, reports on the occurrence of racism and hate crime in Sweden and recommendations from regional and international human rights bodies.

“Racism, discrimination and hate crime are harmful not only to the victims, but society as a whole. For this reason, efforts to combat racism and discrimination are also important for breaking segregation,” says Johan Danielsson, Minister for Housing and Deputy Minister for Employment with responsibility for efforts to combat discrimination.

Within the framework of the action programmes, the Government has tasked several Government Agencies to counter racism within health and medical care, to increase knowledge about the relationship between the vulnerability of certain groups and work-related stress, and to enhance knowledge about hate crime against the Sami people. Children and young people’s vulnerability to racism is given special attention through remits aimed at the schools.

Information box:

The action programmes draw on the national plan to combat racism, similar forms of hostility and hate crime. The national plan was adopted in 2016 and is a tool for preventing and combating racism and polarisation in society and paving the way for a cohesive Sweden characterised by solidarity. The actions programmes comprise measures in four of the five strategic areas identified in the national plan: more knowledge, education and research, strengthened preventive measures online, a more active legal system as well as Civil society: greater support and more in-depth dialogue.

Press contact

Victoria Frisk Garcia
Acting Press Secretary to the Minister for Housing and Deputy Minister for Employment Johan Danielsson
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00
Mobile +46 73 047 23 12
email to Victoria Frisk GarciaAmelie Lind
Press Secretary to the Minister for Culture Jeanette Gustafsdotter
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00
Mobile +46 73 087 87 43
email to Amelie Lind

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